Hydraulic Gooseneck Detachable Trailer Price

We provides you with lowbed semi trailers of 30 ton, 50 ton, 60 ton, 80 ton, 100 ton, 120 ton, and 150 ton. The main cargo platform has a low center of gravity, ensuring transportation stability.

Manufacturer: YUHANG VEHICLE

Model: 4 axle hydraulic gooseneck detachable trailer price

Material: high strength structure steel plate

Delivery Date: 10-25 days

Application: loading excavators, bulldozers or other heavy machinery




our 4 axle hydraulic gooseneck detachable trailer price is very competitive, and it is also a very popular vehicle model in YUHANG factory. Its loading grade is 30-100 tons, and its application range is very wide.

This type of vehicle is mainly used to transport a large number of heavy machinery and equipment, such as: crawler loaders, bulldozers, excavators, compactors and other over-height, over-weight, over-length, and over-wide large goods.

The vehicle’s hydraulic gooseneck can adjust the height of the loading and unloading platform, thereby reducing the height of the center of gravity of the cargo and ensuring that the entire transportation process is safer and more stable. Every millimeter of loading height is very important, which will affect the passing performance of the trailer.

YUHANG factory is a professional manufacturer of detachable hydraulic gooseneck lowbed semi trailer. We sell directly to customers, which has more advantages in quality control and price concessions. And this will save you a lot of time and cost.

Hydraulic Gooseneck Detachable Trailer Price-YUHANG VEHICLE30-100 ton hydraulic gooseneck detachable trailer with best price

Hydraulic Gooseneck Detachable Trailer Price-YUHANG VEHICLE4 axle RGN lowboy semi trailer for sale

Hydraulic Gooseneck Detachable Trailer Price-YUHANG VEHICLEYUHANG brand detachable gooseneck trailer is ready to customer


1. Made of high-strength structural steel plates, it has good tensile properties and high load-bearing capacity, with a loading level of 100 tons.

2. Mechanical spring ramps are standard configuration to facilitate cargo loading and unloading.

3. The height of the working platform is 800-1200mm and can be adjusted according to actual needs.

4. The length, width and other dimensions of the vehicle can be customized.

5. Mechanical spring suspension is suitable for high load requirements, and air suspension or bogie suspension automatic steering or hydraulic steering axle can also be selected.


Dimension: 16500mm x 3000mm x 2500mm

Loading Capacity: 30-100 ton

Axle: 4 axles, 13T/16T*FUWA/BPW/HUAJIN brand

Rim: 8.0-20

Tire: 16 units, 12R22.5

Suspension: mechanical suspension

Hydraulic Cylinder: 12KW diesel engine with hydraulic station

Color: optional

Through the video below, you can learn more details about the hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer. Please click to view it.

Hydraulic Gooseneck Detachable Trailer Price-YUHANG VEHICLE

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