2024 new model side wall semi trailer

YUHANG 3 axle side wall semi trailer is a new type of transport trailer launched by us in 2024. It has a wide range of transport fields and cargo types, including: cement bags, steel coils, fruits and vegetables, express delivery, daily necessities, etc.

This trailer is your rational partner for solving multi-purpose transportation solutions. Its higher payload capacity and longer service life meet the transportation needs of many customers. YUHANG factory is always committed to improving the fuel efficiency of trailers and reducing maintenance costs, thereby bringing more profit value to customers.

We have bulk cargo sidewall semi trailer for sale with different loading capacities and different design structures. For example: 2/3/4 axle sidewall trailers with a payload capacity of 30-120 tons for you to choose. All trailers use world-renowned brand parts, making them more sturdy and durable and adaptable to different complex road conditions.

If you want to know more details about dropside trailer or other types of trailers, please contact us directly.