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1. What is YUHANG bulk cement tanker trailer?

Bulk cement tanker trailer is also known as powder material transport trailer, dry-mixed mortar semi trailer, cement tanker trailer, silo trailer, etc. It is mainly used for the transportation of bulk cement, fly ash, lime powder, dry-mixed mortar, flour, chemical powder materials and other dry bulk cargo.

This series of trailer, like: 40cbm dry bulk cement trailer for sale is composed of specific vehicle chassis, tank body, air pipeline system, automatic unloading device and other components. The most commonly used places are cement factories, cement warehouses, large construction sites, etc. It can save a lot of packaging materials and loading and unloading labor, save transportation costs, and increase profit value for customers.

The working principle of the cement tanker trailer is: use the self-provided engine power to drive the on-board air compressor through the power take-off, and send the compressed air through the pipeline into the air chamber at the lower part of the sealed tank body, so that the cement on the fluidized bed is suspended into a fluid state , when the pressure in the tank reaches the rated value, the discharge butterfly valve is opened, and the fluidized cement flows through the pipeline to be transported.

YUHANG factory currently have bulk cement tanker trailer for sale with V-type and W-type tank structures, and the tank materials are carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy for you to choose. The loading volume of the cement tanker trailer is 25/30/35/40/55/65 cubic meters. We can also provide various specifications and capacities of cement tanker trailers and support customization service according to your special transportation needs.

3 axle v shape cement bulker for sale

40 cubic meter W shape silo trailer with best price

2. What are the uses of cement tanker trailer?

Cement tanker trailer is a special vehicle used to transport cement, lime powder, flour, chemical powder and other bulk materials with a diameter of ≤0.1mm. As a large capacity loading tool, cement tanker trailer have a very popular market share in the field of cement, ash, and powder transportation, and a cost-effective powder tanker trailer will also be loved and favored by customers in many countries.

This series of trailer tank body use air-permeable belt fluidization devices. Ordinary manufacturers generally have 8 units inside, while YUHANG uses 12 units air-permeable belts. The upper end surface and the lower end surface of the connecting fixed plate are respectively provided with compression nuts, the round end of the round nut is fitted with the air-permeable belt, and the outer end surface of the air-permeable belt is attached with the inner surface of the material guide plate. In this way, the gap generated during installation is avoided, and the gap-free fixing is realized. At the same time, the pressure plate is omitted to avoid the generation of dead angles, and the remaining ash rate is greatly reduced. The compression nut can adjust the compression force between the round head nut and the air-permeable belt, and the triangular reinforcement plate increases the mechanical strength of the structure and improves the stability of the trailer.

YUHANG brand powder tanker trailer have various configurations to make the best solutions for different users, and have strong adaptability in domestic and foreign markets.

Tri axle dry bulker cement tanker in working

42cbm bulk cement tanker trailer manufacturer

3. Cement tank semi trailer structure

The cement tank semi trailer is a special trailer used to transport powder materials, such as: fly ash, bulk cement, lime powder, ore powder, and granular alkali. It consists of two parts, the trailer chassis and the special device for powder material transportation. Among them, the trailer chassis is the trailer load-bearing frame, and the special device for powder material transportation mainly includes four parts: additional rotation system, tank body assembly, pipeline system, and safety accessories.

1. Additional Rotation System: mainly includes power take-off, additional rotation shaft, air compressor and other components.

2. Tank Body Assembly: the cement tank is the main structure of the semi trailer, which is used to load powder materials. The tank body can be divided into 1 compartment, 2 compartments, and 3 compartments, with round, oval, square, etc. The tank body is mainly composed of a head, a cylinder body, a manhole cover and a fluidization device, among which the core component is an internal fluidization device, and the YUHANG factory adopts a fluidization device with a breathable belt.

3. Piping System: mainly includes air intake pipeline, secondary blowing pipeline, discharge pipeline, external air source, pressure relief valve and other components.

4. Safety Accessories: including the tank top walkway and handrails, ladders, support devices, side protection, rear protection, lamps, etc.

Dry powder tanker trailer main structure show

4. How does the cement bulker tanker trailer work?

The cement bulker tanker trailer mainly utilizes the fluidization characteristics of powder materials to realize cargo unloading. Powder fluidization means: when the gas enters the powder layer from the lower part of the container, if the gas flow rate exceeds a certain value (0.015m/s for cement), the friction between the gas and the powder is equal to the weight of the powder , the powder is no longer supported by the fluidized bed, at this time they can move freely, flow from high to low, so that the upper plane of the powder layer remains horizontal, similar to the nature of liquid.

Specifically: the power of the cement tanker trailer is transmitted to the air compressor through the power take-off, transmission shaft and other moving devices, and the compressed air generated by the air compressor enters the inside of the tank body, and the powder material is liquefied by the liquefaction device, and then exits the tank body. Due to the pressure difference generated inside and outside the tank body, the powder material is transported to the designated position along the discharge pipeline along with the air.

YUHANG powder tank semi trailer details

5. Cement bulk transport trailer specifications, capacity

In recent years, YUHANG cement bulk transport trailers have been deeply loved and pursued by customers. Our 2 axle/3 axle/4 axle cement tanker trailers are exported to more than 40 sets countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, such as: Vietnam , Indonesia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, Nigeria, Colombia, Peru…

The loading capacity of YUHANG cement bulk transport trailers is 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, 55 tons, 60 tons, 70 tons and other different specifications and configurations. We also have 25m³ cement tanker trailer for sale, 30m³ cement silo tanker, 35m³ pneumatic sand trailer for sale, 40m³ cement transport trailer with best price, 50m³ and 55m³ bulk cement tanker semi trailer, 58m³ W type power tanker. Our cement tanker trailer have the best quality and can be individually designed and customized according to your transportation needs.

2023 brand new tri axle flour tanker trailer for sale

6. YUHANG cement tanker parameters, drawings

Brand: YUHANG 3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer for sale

Dimension: 9500mm*2500mm*3990mm or customized

Application: transport cement, flour, lime powder, etc

Tanker Body: carbon steel/aluminium alloy/stainless steel

Tank Body Thickness: 3.5mm

Payload: 30-90m3 optional

Compartments: 2 compartment or customized

Compressor: 12m³ double cylinder air compressor

Manhole Cover: 2 pcs manhole cover diameter 500mm

Diesel Engine: WEICHAI

Discharge Valve: 3 or 4 inch

Axles: 3 units, 13 ton/16 ton * BPW/FUWA brand

Tire: 12 units, 12R22.5/315.80R22.5

Suspension: heavy duty mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring: 90mm*10mm*10 pieces

Landing Gear: JOST brand 28 tons

King Pin: 2 or 3.5 inches (bolted or welded type)

Brake System: WABCO

Light: LED

Accessories: 2 units spare tyre carries, 1 unit tool box

ABS: optional

7. Cement silo trailer pictures, video

Through the following cement tanker trailer pictures, we can know more about cement silo trailer.

3 axle 35cbm cement tanker price

Tri axle cement silo trailer

3 axle 45cbm cement tanker trailer for sale

8. Features of dry bulk cargo tanker trailers

China YUHANG, as a professional dry bulk cement tanker trailer manufacturer, has designed and developed a new generation of powder tank semi trailers on the basis of catering to market development and providing customers with convenient services. On the premise of ensuring the structural strength and safety performance of the tank body, this series of trailers reduces the weight of the whole vehicle as much as possible, thereby improving the loading capacity and power performance of the powder tank semi trailer, reducing fuel consumption and gas pollution. It is widely used in industry, agriculture, commerce, construction and so on.

The main features are:

1. This series of trailers has a large loading capacity, can carry out a lot of work for a long time, and has strong adaptability.

2. The material of the tank body is made of high-quality steel plate, which is formed by one-time die-casting. The pressure-resistant capacity of the trailer is improved, and the deformation of the tank body is effectively avoided.

3. It adopts a first-class special vehicle-mounted air compressor with large displacement and no oil in the discharged gas, which can meet the power requirements of cement and other powdery materials. Stable working performance, maintenance-free and low cost.

4. All parts adopt CO₂ gas shielded automatic welding technology, with high welding quality, smooth and strong weld seam, and beautiful appearance.

5. The fluidized bed inside the tank body adopts a “W” or “WV” double-chamber design structure, with a large internal trough angle, which increases the effective volume of the tank body, and at the same time greatly improves the unloading speed of the cargo and reduces the residual rate.

6. For example, China 55 ton cement semi trailer tank body and metal accessories are subjected to shot blasting and derusting treatment, sprayed with polymer primer and high-quality topcoat to improve paint adhesion, corrosion resistance, bright and durable colors, and can withstand adverse environments, such as: humidity, dust, and salt spray.

7. The vehicle is equipped with side lights, tail lights and dome lights to ensure the safety of driving at night.

40 ton v shape cement tanker trailer for sale

High quality 3 axle pneumatic tanker trailer supplier–YUHANG

9. YUHANG cement tanker advantages:

YUHANG has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of cement tanker trailer, and our products have a very solid foundation in workmanship. At the same time, our cement tanker trailer have obvious advantages over other counterparts.

1. The tank body is made of high-strength alloy steel with good performance. At the same time, the tank body and the vehicle frame are integrated, and the key parts of the frame are thickened, which can effectively prevent vehicle damage caused by uneven road surfaces.

2. We have very high requirements on welding technology. The tank body adopts robot automatic welding technology, and the weld seam is very smooth and strong, ensuring high strength and good sealing performance of the tank body.

3. The intake pipeline has double safety valves, the timeliness of pressure relief is 50% higher than the sensitivity of single safety valves, and if one safety valve fails, the other can continue to work. At the same time, the maximum relief pressure and limit will also be increased to prevent tank expansion.

4. The intake bend pipeline adopts a non-welding one-time forming process. Compared with the traditional welding process, the one-time forming does not require secondary reinforcement, and its own strength is high. There are no solder joints in the bending part, and the air tightness is good.

5. The metal pipe connection positions are all made of ultra-thick pressure-resistant rubber hose, and there are double stainless steel hoops at both ends of the rubber hose, which have a large locking torque and are firmly fixed.

6. The external air source port of the compressed air is designed downward with a natural slope, which is convenient for connecting the pipeline.

7. The unloading position adopts a pipeline with large curvature and large radius. The powder particles in the tank have good passability, fast unloading, low wear, no sticking or clogging of the pipeline, and the unloading efficiency is increased by 10%.

8. All pipelines are treated with anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment to cope with the long-term high humidity and high corrosion working environment of the powder tanker trailer.

9. The axle adopts well-known domestic and foreign brands, such as: FUWA and BPW, and is reasonably matched with aluminum alloy wheels and vacuum tires, which can adapt to more road conditions: flat roads, mountain roads, hills, and dirt roads.

10. The high-strength and wear-resistant suspension system is adopted to ensure the load balance of each axle, effectively improve the loading capacity of the trailer, and effectively prevent vehicle deviation and tire wear.

11. Adopt dual-pipeline braking system, equipped with imported relay valve and ABS anti-lock braking system to ensure the safe driving of the vehicle.

12. The whole vehicle is processed through multiple processes, such as: shot blasting, grinding, cleaning, primer, mid-coat, top coat, and drying, which effectively improves the paint adhesion and has good corrosion resistance.

Cement bulk tanker trailer–tank body is making

Fly ash tanker trailer is being sprayed with wear-resistant primer

10. Bulk cement trailer packaging and transportation for sale

The bulk cement trailer sold by YUHANG will choose to be transported by bulk carrier or Ro-Ro ship. There are also some customers who will choose to load through HQ high cabinet containers.

We have professional personnel responsible for packing and transporting bulk cement trailers, who have received strict training and have rich experience. Before transportation, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the pneumatic sand trailer, and then seal the bulk cement semi-trailer and diesel engine with waterproof rain cloth, in order to prevent the erosion of seawater and rainwater during transportation.

Many customers prefer HQ high cabinet containers because of its short transportation time and relatively low transportation cost.

Under normal circumstances, it takes about 30-50 days for the customer to receive the bulk cement semi-trailer they purchased as scheduled. Please wait patiently and do the receiving work well in advance.

pneumatic dry bulk tanker trailer is packing and shipping in progress

11. How to use the bulk cement tanker correctly?

What should be paid attention to when using bulk cement tanker? What is the correct method of operation?

1. Before loading the goods, check and remove the dust and slag inside the tank body and in the discharge pipeline. All pipelines and valves should be flexible to open and close, and there must be no blockage, air leakage, etc., and all connecting parts should be firm and reliable before loading powder materials.

2. Before opening the material inlet, the exhaust valve should be opened to remove the residual gas inside the tank body.

3. When loading materials, the switch of the material positioner inside the tank body should be turned on, and when the material positioner sends out a sound signal, the loading of goods should be stopped immediately.

4. After the material is loaded, the cement accumulated on the edge of the material inlet should be cleaned, the large cover of the material inlet should be closed, and the latch should be locked.

5. Before unloading the material, the vehicle should be parked on a flat place, the unloading pipe should be installed, the butterfly valve of the unloading pipe and the ball valve of the pressure relief pipe should be closed, the secondary air pipe should be opened and the compressed air should be connected to ensure that the air compressor is under no load. case starts.

6. When pressurizing the inside of the tank body, make sure that the discharge valve is closed. When the air pressure in the tank reaches the discharge pressure, the secondary air nozzle valve should be opened first, and then the discharge valve should be opened, and the secondary air nozzle valve should be adjusted to adjust the optimal ratio of air to cement.

7. During the material unloading process, the pressure change of the pressure gauge should be observed. If the pressure suddenly rises, the air hose is blocked, and the material is no longer output, the air supply should be stopped and the air in the hose should be released, and then the blockage should be removed.

8. When the material is unloaded, the air compressor should be in charge of a special person, and other personnel are not allowed to operate it without authorization. During pressurized discharge, the internal combustion engine speed must not be changed.

9. After the powder material is unloaded, the air release valve should be opened to release the remaining air inside the tank body, and all valves should be closed. During the running of the vehicle, there must be no pressure inside the tank.

10. It is not allowed to load and unload cement in the open air on rainy days. Check frequently to confirm whether the material inlet cover is closed tightly, and do not allow water or humid air to enter the inside of the tank body.

High quality bulk cement trailer has be sent to client

12. How to maintain the cement bulk cargo transport trailer?

Repair and maintenance of cement bulk cargo transport trailer:

1. Trailer Chassis: Drivers should maintain it in strict accordance with the instructions of the trailer chassis.

2. Air Compressor: The air compressor should replace the lubricating oil regularly, check and clean the filter screen of the oil filter. Do not change the rotation direction of the air compressor, and do not start or stop the air compressor quickly.

3. Power Take-off Device: Check its lubrication and operation status regularly. If there is any abnormal noise, find out the reason and eliminate it in time. Check the gear meshing and wear every year, and do not run over-speed.

4. Gas Circuit: Check the sealing condition of the gas circuit of the pipeline frequently, and eliminate it in time if there is any leakage. Check the working status of each valve frequently, and repair or replace it if it fails. The safety valve is guaranteed to open when the pressure is 0.2Mpa, and the internal pressure of the tank cannot exceed 0.2Mpa.

5. Tank Body: The weld seam of the tank body should be checked regularly to see if there is any air leakage. If there is any leakage, it should be maintained and repaired in time.

6. Air Chamber: Check the canvas of the air chamber frequently. If it is damp, airtight or damaged, it should be replaced in time. Check whether the air chamber layer is fastened, and air leakage will affect the material unloading effect.

If you would like more information or discounted prices on bulk cement tanker trailers, please feel free to contact us. We believe that our professional services will provide you with a new experience.