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1. What is a fuel tanker trailer?

Fuel tanker trailer is also called fuel transport trailer, oil tanker trailer, and fuel tank semi trailer. It is mainly used to ship various liquids, liquefied gases and other bulker goods. Depending on the purpose of the fuel tanker trailer, the structure is also different, which can be mainly divided into the following categories: crude oil transport tanker trailer, ordinary fuel tanker trailer, acid and alkali type tanker trailer, liquefied gas tanker truck trailer, etc.

YUHANG classic diesel transport tank semi trailer

3 axle 40000 liters fuel tanker trailer for sale

45000 liter aluminum alloy oil tanker with best price

2. Fuel tanker trailer application:

Fuel tanker trailers are mainly used for storage and transportation of various liquids, liquefied gases and other goods. These goods include: gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, palm oil, vegetable oil, liquid ammonia, alcohol, water, various acid-base liquids, etc.

The loading capacity of fuel tanker trailer is 20,000 liters to 60,000 liters. They are generally used for medium and long-distance transportation, transporting liquid substances to all parts of the world, and realizing the rational allocation and utilization of resources.

YUHANG brand oil tank trailer in application work

40000 liter fuel tanker trailer for sale in factory

Our customer feedback of 42000 liters petrol tanker in practical work

3. Tanker trailer specifications & loading capacity

YUHANG VEHICLE fuel tanker trailers have different specifications and loading capacity. We have 40,000 liters gasoline tankers, 42000L diesel tanker trailers50000 litre petrol tankers. We also provide 2 axles, 3 axles, 4 axles tanker trailers for sale and many more. . .

We have a strong technical design team, and can customize oil tanker trailers for you according to the actual transportation needs of customers and the properties of the goods. The maximum loading capacity can reach 90,000 liters.

2 axle high quality gasoline tanker trailer for sale

Tri axle diesel/palm oil/coal tar transport tanker trailer

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4. Different types of oil tanker trailer design drawings, video

40000 liter 4 compartment tanker trailer drawing

3 axle fuel tanker semi trailer drawing

YUHANG 45,000 liters 5 compartments oil tanker trailer technical drawing

3 axle 40000l fuel tanker trailer for sale

5. Oil tank trailer tank body material:

As the largest oil tanker trailer manufacturer in China, YUHANG factory can produce aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel tanker trailers for you. Bring better word of mouth and more profit value to your customers’ haulage business by building the most durable and sturdy tanker trailers.

The oil tanker trailers produced by us have good anti-deformation, anti-turbulence, anti-vibration, and anti-explosion performance, ensuring that they can adapt to more rugged and complex road conditions under heavy loads.

Brand new tri axle stainless tanker trailer

45m³ aluminum alloy oil tankers price

42000 liters high quality carbon steel fuel tanker for sale

6. Fuel tank semi trailer technical parameter

YUHANG most popular fuel tanker trailer/oil tanker truck trailer for sale

Loading Capacity: 20,000-60,000 liters

Tare Weight: 6.5-10.5 tons

Overall Dimension: 8500-14500mm*2500mm*3550-4300mm

Compartment: 2-10 compartment

Tank Body Material: carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy

Manhole Cover: diameter 500mm*carbon steel

Discharge Valve: diameter is 3 or 4 inch

Bottom Valve: aluminum API pneumatic bottom valve

Chassis: high strendth steel

Rim: 9.00-22.5/8.00-20/8.5-20

Axle: 2/3/4 axles, BPW/FUWA brand

Tire: 12.00R22.5/315.80R22.5/11.00R20

Landing Gear: JOST brand

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded type)

Suspensions: air suspension or heavy mechanical suspension

Leaf Spring: 90(w)mmx13(thickness)x10 layers

Brake System: dual Line brake system, WABCO emergency valve

Accessories: one standard tool box

ABS: optional

7. Tanker trailers structural components?

According to different uses and usage environments, the oil tanker trailer has the functions of oil absorption, oil unloading, and various fuel packaging and distribution. The main structure includes: tank body, manhole cover, oil and gas recovery device, anti-overflow valve probe device, oil unloading valve, pneumatic combination switch, overflow discharge probe socket, subsea valve, gear oil pump, pipe network system and other components.

Details of fuel tanker trailer(1)

Details of fuel tanker trailer(2)

8. What is the production process of a fuel tanker trailer

The oil tanker trailer for sale mainly consists of a trailer chassis and a tank body. At present, the most commonly used tank materials of YUHANG are carbon steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Different tank materials have different prices for tanker trailers. As a professional oil tanker trailer manufacturer, let’s take a look at how a qualified oil tanker trailer is made?

1. The tank body is made of high-quality high-strength steel plates, which are cut into specifications and sizes that meet national regulations by plasma cutting machines.

2. Our fuel tanker trailer is made of 6mm thick steel plates. After cutting into standard sizes, multiple steel plates are coiled and connected together by a can rolling machine. They are fixed by double-sided welding. After welding, the weld seams are polished and manholes are opened.

3. According to the requirements of the drawings, put the partition boards in the specified positions, and then weld them together.

4. The front and rear heads of the tank body are blanked with a plasma CNC cutting machine. In order to ensure the welding quality, the installation of the head needs special tooling guarantee. It is made by spinning once with an imitation hemming machine to increase the strength, and finally the ring gas protection is used to complete the process.

5. The formed tank body needs to use high-pressure gas for leak testing, and then the tank body needs to be subjected to overall shot peening process to eliminate weld stress and overall rust removal.

6. Finally, install the tool box, protective fence, etc.

The factory shows the production process of tanker trailers

9. How to choose a high-quality fuel tanker?

During the driving process of the oil tanker trailer, due to the sloshing of the internal liquid, it will bring a certain impact to the tank body. In order to ensure the uniformity of the tank pressure, the cross section of the tank is generally circular or oval.

The top of the tank is equipped with a manhole and a breathing safety valve for maintenance.

The processing technology of the tanker truck trailer is an important factor to ensure its quality and safety performance.

10. How to choose a qualified fuel tanker trailer manufacturer?

1. Before buying a diesel tank truck trailer, the customer should first choose a well-known brand fuel tanker trailer manufacturer with strong strength, which can guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

2. According to your actual use and operating specifications, choose an oil tanker trailer chassis with good load-carrying performance, economy, reliability, and convenient service.

3. The quality of the tank body of the tanker is a very important aspect. It is necessary to observe the material and thickness of the steel plate used by the manufacturer, which is related to the service life and safety performance of the tanker.

4. It is very important to choose a factory. There are many traders in China, if we buy oil tank semi trailer directly from traders, it will cost a lot of money. YUHANG is factory direct sales of oil tank trailers, no middlemen to earn the difference.

5. Observe the product pictures and videos of this company. If the details and quality have high requirements, it means that it is willing to invest more energy in the product. This is a trustworthy company.

6. The communication level of the salesperson can also reflect whether the company is professional or not, because they will provide many good suggestions and services, so there is no doubt about choosing them.

YUHANG road fuel semi tankers prices for sale with effect picture

11. YUHANG fuel tanker service & advantage?

1. The semi-elliptical cross-section cylinder design structure has a large loading capacity.

2. The tank body is welded on both sides by fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the service life can reach more than 15 years.

3. Reserve 5-10% of the gas phase space to ensure the safety performance of the tank and reduce the pressure of the liquid on the tank.

4. Wave plates are welded in the middle of each compartment to reduce the impact of the liquid and increase the rigidity of the tank.

5. Before leaving the factory, the oil tanker trailers are subjected to a water injection test to ensure that the tank body is highly sealed and avoid fuel leakage.

6. To prevent the tank from rusting, apply a layer of anti-rust paint and a layer of decorative paint on the surface.

12. Tanker truck trailers customer feedback

Stellan Fauci, Zimbabwe: YUHANG’s tanker truck trailer is really a good means of transportation, which has reduced costs and improved efficiency for my business.

Alapaf, Malawi: The oil tanker trailer technology of YUHANG Vehicle has always been at the forefront of the world, and a large amount of money is invested in research and development every year. This is the fundamental motivation for me to always repurchase it.

MUNIO Company in Zambia: I have been using the 3 axle 40000l tank semi trailer continuously for one year, and there is no failure, which really surprises me.

13. How to pack and transport the tanker trailers?

Usually, we choose bulk carrier or Ro-Ro ship to ship our oil tank trailers, water tank trailers and milk tank truck trailer, and some customers also require to use high cabinet containers or flat racks to transport fuel tanker trailers.

After 10-25 days, tanker trailers meet their new owners and get to work quickly. Before transportation, we will spray a layer of wax on the surface of the oil tank trailers to avoid erosion by sea water and rain.

3 axle tank trailer for sale – shipped by bulk carrier

42m³ oil tank truck trailer—by Ro-Ro ship

Edible oil transport tanker with waterproof rain cloth

14. Precautions for using fuel tank semi trailer:

1. The towing iron chain of the oil tanker must not be wrapped around the girder, but must be placed on the ground, and the mopping section should not be less than 50cm to prevent static sparks in the tank.

2. It is strictly forbidden to add various fuels under the high-voltage wires.

3. When the engine is running, it is not allowed to pour gasoline into the carburetor port, which may cause backfire, burn people and burn the vehicle.

4. In the oil depot, it is not allowed to use the method of short circuit and fire to check the storage condition of the battery. The sparks produced when lighting a fire are likely to ignite the oil molecules in the air.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use gasoline to burn the filter core, which is easy to catch fire and affect the life of the filter core.

15. How to maintain petrol tanker trailers?

The tanker semi trailer should always check the braking system and lubrication system.

Strictly control the safe loading capacity and loading height of tanker truck trailer for sale to ensure no overloading and no oil leakage.

When loading and unloading oil, the residual fuel at the bottom of the fuel tanker should be sucked out to avoid long-term retention and corrosion of the inner wall of the tank.

Bolts on tanker trailers should all be securely fastened to maintain the integrity and safety of the vehicle. If it is loose, it should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

If you change the liquid cargo you are transporting, wash the tanker before each product change.

Regularly clean the inside of the tank to prolong the service life of the trailer.

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