3 axle 40000l fuel tanker trailer

The 3 axle 40000l fuel tanker trailer produced by YUHANG factory will be sent to customers soon. Every year we sell a large number of tanker trailers to many countries in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. This type of tanker trailer is our very popular model, which can be used to transport liquid cargo, such as: gasoline, diesel, coal tar, palm oil, etc.

We have a strict production process and experienced technical engineers to ensure that our fuel tanker trailers have the highest working quality. The tank body is made of high-strength stainless steel plate, which has high anti-wear and anti-collision capabilities, and is easy to clean without polluting liquid substances. All components adopt robot automatic welding technology, the solder joints are dense and firm, the weld seam is uniform and full without flaws, it is not easy to deform and break, and the safe service life can reach more than 15 years. The chassis of the vehicle is specially reinforced with webs, which can adapt to the driving needs of more bad road conditions.

Our 3 axle 40000l fuel tanker trailer can meet all your basic transportation needs. We can also design and customize tanker trailers according to your cargo medium and local legal regulations, with a loading capacity of 20,000 liters to 75,000 liters for you to choose. There are also many advantages and features of this fuel tanker trailer, if you want to get more details, please send an inquiry to our website.