3 axle 45cbm cement tanker trailer

Our most classic stock 3 axle 45cbm cement tanker trailer for sale with the best discounted price. This is a very popular vehicle model. After repeated use by a large number of customers for a long time, there have never been any quality problems or tank leaks. This will help you save a lot of time and labor costs and eliminate the trouble caused by untimely after-sales service.

This 3 axle 45 cubic meter cement tanker trailer is also known as bulk cement trailer, powder tanker, powder material transport trailer, mainly used for loading and transporting bulk cement, flour, fly ash, lime powder and other dry bulk goods. Its composition structure includes vehicle chassis, tank body, gas pipeline system, automatic unloading device and other components.

The tank body of the bulk cement tanker trailer manufactured by YUHANG factory is available in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy for you to choose. Its loading capacity is 30 cubic meter, 35 cubic meter, 40 cubic meter, 45 cubic meter, 55 cubic meter and 60 cubic meter. We have advanced intelligent equipment and experienced welding engineers, and can provide you with a full range of design and customization services. If you want to know more advantages and practical features of silo trailers, please feel free to contact us.