3 axle 80 tons low bed truck trailer

As the most professional manufacturer of 3 axle 80 tons low bed truck trailer, we use SSAB high-strength steel plate material, and the frame is reinforced. It is suitable for transporting various heavy machinery and equipment. It has a stronger bearing capacity and can be used repeatedly for a long time, no permanent deformation.

YUHANG factory has different types and specifications of lowbed semi trailers for sale, such as: 30 ton semi lowbed trailer, 50 ton lowbed trailer, 60 ton lowboy trailer, 80 ton low loader trailer, and 100 ton low bed trailer. We can design and customize lowbed trailers according to your special transportation needs to meet more cargos.

We always adhere to the product quality of vehicles, so we are more professional and efficient. The real factory price, no middleman to make the difference, the real price is the best.