3 axle flat deck trailer with 1000 liters tank

The main purpose of the 3 axle flat deck trailer is to transport standard size international containers (20ft and 40ft are the most common). The flatbed semi trailer has high loading and transportation efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and good economic benefits, so it has been applied and praised by customers in many countries, which can help you save a lot of costs and additional expenses.

This 3 axle flat deck trailer is equipped with an air suspension system. The front axle can be lifted up when it is unloaded. The vehicle has a stronger ability to resist bumps and lower fuel consumption per kilometer. 12 twist locks firmly fix the container to ensure a safer and smoother transportation process. The addition of a spare 1000 liter fuel tank helps the tractor travel longer distances.

According to the length of the container, YUHANG factory has different types of flat deck trailers, such as: 20ft, 40ft, 48ft and 53ft. All the flatbed semi trailers we sell are all sprayed with polyurethane paint, which has a more beautiful appearance and a longer service life. If you also want to get this cost-effective flatbed trailer, please send an inquiry to the official website, and we will reply you as soon as possible.