3 axle semi lowbed trailer for sale

Compared with other types of trailers, the 3 axle semi lowbed trailer sold by YUHANG have more advantages and features. It can very well help you develop your transportation business and greatly improve your work efficiency. Let’s explore it together.

1. Our 3 axle semi lowbed trailer is designed to carry 80 tons of heavy cargo. The strict welding process and durable steel plate material make it very suitable for transporting many types of construction machinery and vehicles.

2. The 3 high-quality FUWA axles on the trailer have better stability and load-bearing capacity than the 2 axle trailer. This prevents the 80 ton lowbed truck trailer from experiencing large bumps and swaying during transportation. This provides better protection for the goods and minimizes the risk of damage.

3. This type of lowbed trailer is mainly used to transport a large number of heavy or oversized load-level goods. YUHANG factory can customize the length, width and height of the trailer according to your actual needs.

If you want to get more technical drawings and test videos of lowbed semi trailer, please hurry up and contact us!