Flatbed truck trailer with front board

Thank you customer for choosing YUHANG 3 axle flatbed truck trailer with front board for sale. This is our very popular vehicle model with a length of 12.5 meters. It can load two 20ft containers or one 40ft container on the platform with a payload of 60 tons.

We are a flatbed semi trailer manufacturing factory with nearly 30 years of experience. The semi trailers designed and produced have been sold to more than 60 countries in Africa, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Advanced production technology and high-quality raw materials give the 3 axle flatbed trailer a good carrying capacity and working life.

At the same time, YUHANG factory has different lengths of 2 axle 20 foot, 3 axle 45 foot, 4 axle 48 foot/53 foot flatbed truck trailers. We can design and customize these flatbed trailers to your actual transportation needs. Welcome to you contact us to get the best inquiry directly.