30cbm tipper trailer

In the fields of construction sites, mining development, urban garbage transportation, etc., we often see tipper trailer working. Among them, 3 axle tipper trailers are very popular and best-selling vehicle models, with a U-shaped design structure and an effective loading capacity of 30-80 tons.

This type of tipper trailer is usually used in conjunction with construction machinery and equipment, such as: excavators and crawler loaders. Because of its strong loading capacity, high working efficiency, long service life, and low investment cost, it is deeply favored and loved by customers in many countries.

We are a professional dump semi trailer manufacturer and exporter, with rear dump trailer and side dump truck trailer for you to choose from. This will greatly improve your transportation efficiency and working methods, and more application functions of dump trailers are waiting for you to develop.

If you also want to get such a tipper trailer or want to know more about other models of trailers, please send us an inquiry.