4 axle 80 ton fence cargo trailer

This is a very cost-effective 4 axle 80 ton fence cargo trailer for sale. It can be used to load and transport many types of bulk goods, such as: bagged cement, grain, vegetables, fruits, express delivery, daily necessities, poultry and livestock, ISO containers, etc. It is one of the most used vehicles in the modern road transport industry and holds a significant market share.

YUHANG factory is a professional semi trailer manufacturing base and currently has 2 axle, 3 axle, 4 axle, 20 foot, 40 foot and 45 foot fence semi trailer prices. Their loading levels range from 30 tons to 120 tons for you to choose, which can meet all your basic transportation operations. At the same time, we support designing and customizing fence cargo trailers to meet your more special transportation needs.

Our fence cargo trailer is made of high-strength steel plates, which have strong compression resistance, will not deform and break, and have a longer service life. All components adopt intelligent robot welding technology, resulting in tighter welds, stronger and more reliable welding points, and higher welding strength. The fence height and structure of the entire vehicle are more in line with the type of cargo loaded, which greatly improves transportation efficiency.

If you want to know more advantages and features of our 4 axle 80 ton fence cargo trailer, please contact us directly by sending an inquiry.