4 Axle Fuel Tanker Trailer

What you are seeing now is a YUHANG brand 4 axle fuel tanker trailer. Which is a finished product that has just been designed and manufactured for the customer. Its effective volume is 40,000 liters, which is divided into 4 compartments and can load and transport 4 different liquid cargoes at the same time.

YUHANG tanker trailers adopt advanced design concepts and intelligent manufacturing equipment. Taking into account the customer’s road conditions and cargo type, the quality of our tank truck trailer is very strong and durable. The tanker body of the 40,000 liter fuel tanker trailer has high resistance to deformation, vibration and bumps.

Our fuel tanker trailer offer many advantages:

1. High loading, unloading and transportation efficiency.

2. Protect the goods.

3. The safety level of cargo transportation is high.

4. Save packaging materials.

5. Reduce labor intensity.

6. Reduce environmental pollution.

If you are interested in our tanker trailers or want to know more technical details, please send an inquiry to our company website or contact us directly. Thanks!