4 axle hydraulic lowbed trailer with folding ramp

YUHANG brand newly upgraded 4 axle hydraulic lowbed trailer with folding ramp, with a loading capacity of 100 tons. The lowbed semi trailer with this design structure can load many types of heavy machinery and equipment more easily and quickly than traditional trailers. Its hydraulic folding ramp can adjust the height of the trailer in time to clear all obstacles on the road.

At the same time, the hydraulic folding ramp can also choose different angles according to the goods being transported, making it a versatile tool for transporting various large equipment. Overall, lowbed trailers with hydraulic ramp designs are ideal for safely and efficiently transporting oversized, overweight, overwide, and over-height cargo.

We manufacture directly from the factory and send it to the port designated by the customer. There is no middleman to earn the price difference, which will save you a lot of extra costs and unnecessary waiting time. Moreover, all our lowbed trailers have undergone rigorous performance testing and tracking records, with 100% quality assurance and more timely after-sales service.