4 axle low bed semi trailer

YUHANG 4 axle low bed semi trailer is usually used in construction engineering, bridge construction, road construction, mining and other industries that need to move or carry heavy machinery equipment and materials. It is designed with a load capacity of up to 100 ton and is ideal for transporting excavators, bulldozers, loaders, paving machines, large tanks, and steel plate materials.

Our low bed semi trailer adopts an air suspension system, which can lift the working platform, and the minimum height from the ground can reach 750mm. The stability performance is very good, which will greatly reduce the risk of damage to the transported goods, especially some precision instruments. At the same time, 8 pcs high-quality twist locks are installed on the working platform, which can also be used to transport 1*40ft or 2*20ft ISO containers.

With experienced technical engineers and perfect manufacturing process, we can customize the length, width and height of these trailers according to your specific needs for transporting goods. YUHANG factory ships directly, there is no middleman to earn the price difference, which greatly saves your cost, please don’t hesitate to call me.