4 axle low loader with hydraulic ramp

4 axle low loader with hydraulic ramp is custom designed for transporting heavy and oversized machinery. Hydraulic ramps are an important feature, allowing heavy cargo to be loaded and unloaded easily and efficiently. The ramps are operated by hydraulic cylinders, which usually have a high load capacity and can be adjusted to different angles depending on the cargo being transported.

This type of 4 axle low loader adopts a hydraulic automatic widening device to extend the width of the working platform, and which can be extended forward by 5.5 meters to meet the transportation needs of more ultra-wide, ultra-high, and ultra-long cargo. The front two axles can be lifted up when the vehicle is unloaded to save fuel consumption; the rear axle can follow the steering to reduce the turning radius and have a wider range of applications.

At the same time, we have configured 12 pcs twist locks to transport 1*40 or 2*20 feet containers. Hydraulic landing gear and sprayed polyurethane paint extend the conversion efficiency and service life of the vehicle. Overall, low loader trailer with hydraulic ramps are the best choice for safe and efficient transport of large heavy equipment facilities.

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