4 axle lowbed excavator trailer

We have high-quality 4 axle lowbed excavator trailer for sale, which can transport machinery and equipment up to 80 tons. This is a very popular vehicle model that can be used to transport many types of cargo, such as: heavy machinery, rail vehicles, mining equipment and containers, etc.

The 80 ton lowbed trailer provided by YUHANG factory is different from others in its main beam. It is made of high-strength steel plate Q345B, which has high wear and compression resistance. We fundamentally guarantee the long-term durability and service life of the lowbed semi trailer.

At the same time, we can also customize low loader trailers according to your actual transportation needs. The load capacity ranges from 30-180 tons, mechanical ladders or hydraulic ladders are available for you to choose, as well as detachable gooseneck lowboy trailers.

If you want to know more technical details and prices of lowbed trailers, please do not hesitate to contact us.