4 axle skeletal semi trailer

This 4 axle air suspension skeletal semi trailer is specially designed by us for customers in Central Asian countries. It can be used to transport 1*40 foot or 2*20 foot standard ISO containers at the same time. The two axles at the front of the vehicle can be lifted up to reduce fuel consumption and meet the driving needs of more road conditions.

In the modern fast-developing economic environment, container cargo is a very common mode of transportation with a wide range of applications. However, skeletal semi trailer is vehicles specifically used for transporting 20ft, 40ft, 45ft and 48ft containers.

YUHANG factory is a professional semi trailer manufacturing base with advanced welding technology and rich technical experience. We can design and customize skeletal container trailers of different lengths, heights, and load levels for sale based on your actual transportation needs. If you are interested in our truck semi trailers, please hurry up and contact us to get the best quote.