Super-low lowbed trailer price

YUHANG factory provides you with 4 axle high-quality working performance super-low lowbed trailer for sale. The main feature of this type of trailer is the low cargo loading platform, with a minimum ground clearance of only 90mm. It is specially used to transport aircraft engines, precision medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, cultural relics and artworks, high-end industrial equipment, ultra-wide and ultra-large instruments, etc.

Our 4 axle super-low lowbed semi trailer use high-strength steel plates to ensure load capacity, with payload ratings of 40-100 tons. It can adjust the ground clearance of the main cargo platform and the vehicle steering angle through gooseneck hydraulic lifting and airbag suspension. This trailer has excellent shock absorption effect, ensuring that the cargo is more stable and safer during transportation.

If you are interested in this super-low lowbed equipment transport trailer, please contact us directly or send an inquiry. We can design or customize lowbed for you, such as: 3 line 6 axle low loader trailer, 4 line 8 axle lowboy trailer for sale. The 4 axle super-low lowbed trailer can also carry 20ft and 40ft containers to increase the vehicle’s multi-purpose use.