4 line 8 axle low loader

Through the video below, you can learn more about the 4 line 8 axle low loader. This type of trailer is specially designed for transporting heavy cargo and has a total of 8 axles and 32 tires. Its payload is 150 tons, and due to the very low center of gravity of the trailer, the integrity of the cargo is effectively protected.

YUHANG is a professional manufacturer with nearly 20 years, we have provided a large number of low loader trailers for sale to many countries. We have more advantages in cost and quality control of low loaders and can meet your various transportation needs.

We only produce lowbed semi trailer that are rugged and trustworthy in quality for you to use. These trailers are made of high-strength steel plates and well-known brand components, resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer service life. We also have more multi-axle low bed trailers, such as: 60-80 tons 2-line 4-axle lowbed, 100-120 tons 3-line 6-axle lowbed, or 150 tons 4-line 8-axle lowbed.

If you are interested in more vehicle models or technical specifications, please search “YUHANG VEHICLE” or send an inquiry directly to our website, thank you!