40 feet container chassis trailer for sale

Through this video, you can learn all the details of the 3 axle 40ft container chassis trailer.

YUHANG brand 40ft container chassis trailer is mainly used for transporting containers. The frame of the is welded by longitudinal beams, cross beams and front and rear end beams. The longitudinal beams are welded into I-shaped steel plates with 16Mn submerged arc welding.

1. The body is a rod and frame structure with light weight.

2. All loading and unloading platforms can be clearly observed and operated accurately.

3. Save loading and unloading time and labor, shorten transportation cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

We also have different types of container chassis trailers for you to choose, such as: 2/3/4 axle container chassis, 20/40/45 feet container trailer, 48 feet tractor skeleton trailer, 53 feet container transport trailer, 2 axles gooseneck container semi trailer, 3 axle intermodal skeleton trailer, with air suspension, leaf spring suspension.

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