40,000 litres fuel tanker for sale

The 40,000 litres fuel tanker is a special motor vehicle designed to transport and store oil, gasoline, diesel or other liquid fuels. This 40,000 litres fuel tanker is divided into 4 compartments, which can be loaded with different types of liquid cargo at the same time to realize the rapid transfer and distribution of resources, greatly improving the transportation efficiency and value.

We are a professional fuel tanker trailer manufacturing base from Shandong, China, with our own physical factory – YUHANG brand. We sell a large number of tanker trailers to many countries every year, with loading capacities of: 36000 litres, 40000 litres, 42000 litres, 45000 litres, 50000 litres and 60000 litres. These trailers support local economic development and logistics transportation work.

Our tanker trailer tank is made of high-strength structural wear-resistant steel plates, which have good resistance to collision, high pressure and twisting. Technical engineers at the YUHANG factory will polish and spray anti-corrosion materials on the inside of the tank to ensure that the transported liquid fuel will not be contaminated. This is a very important and indispensable link.

Our tanker trailers have many advantages and features. We can provide you with complete tankers information, including: product pictures, videos, design drawings, dimensions, accessory models, customer feedback information, etc. If you need to know more, please contact us.