40ft 3 axle flatbed container trailer

The 40ft 3 axle flatbed container trailer custom-designed by a customer from Africa is undergoing final packaging work at the YUHANG factory and will then be transported to the port. The 40ft flatbed container trailer is a widely used transport vehicle, mainly used to transport container cargo and other bulk cargos.

We folded the 3pcs flatbed container trailers together and then secured them. This method of transportation will save a lot of costs and is more timely. Before transportation, technical engineers from the YUHANG factory will spray waterproof wax and cover each flatbed trailer with raincoat, which will greatly improve the trailer’s corrosion and rust resistance.

YUHANG is a professional semi trailer manufacturing factory, especially in terms of quality control and price discounts for 20 foot, 40 foot, 45 foot and 48 foot flatbed semi trailer, we have more advantages and features. This rich experience will save you a lot of time and costs, making your transportation business smoother and more efficient.

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