40ft flatbed trailer for sale

Our old customer choose YUHANG factory made 40ft flatbed trailer for sale again. This customer has been using our flatbed trailer to transport containers and other bulk goods, and is very satisfied with the quality, appearance and working performance of the trailers. We thank every new and old customer for this, and will continue to innovate and improve.

The 40 feet flatbed trailer can load and transport 1*40ft or 2*20ft container goods, and the container is fixed with the trailer working platform by twist locks under the container, which is simple and efficient. The main beam is made of high-strength Q345B steel plate, with a height of 500mm and a thickness of 8mm; thickened mechanical leaf spring suspension and FUWA 13 ton axle, and other components are also world-renowned brand products. Guarantee the highest load quality and service life of the vehicle from the source.

YUHANG factory has advanced production technology and experienced technical engineers, which can provide you with a full range of design and customization services. We sell directly from the factory to customers, there is no third party to earn the price difference, and we have a professional packaging and transportation team, which will save you a lot of costs. So, if you are looking for flatbed trailers or other types of semi trailers, please contact us now.