42000l aluminum alloy oil tanker trailer

YUHANG brand 42000l aluminum alloy oil tanker trailer adopts advanced design concepts and high-quality aluminum alloy materials. We also have carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy oil tanker trailer of different models and specifications for you to choose. We manufacture the strongest and durable oil tanker trailers for you, which are anti-deformation, anti-bump, and anti-vibration, making your transportation business safer and more profitable.

Our 42000 liter aluminum alloy oil tanker trailer can be used to transport different liquid substances such as: diesel, gasoline, edible oil, palm oil, asphalt. Have different compartments, such as: 2 compartment, 3 compartment, 4 compartment, or more compartments to load different liquids. Tanker trailers have a volume of 40,000 liters, 42,000 liters, 45,000 liters, 50,000 liters or 60,000 liters. We can also customize the volume of the tanker trailer according to your transportation requirements.