50 ton bulk cement trailer

We are a professional 50 ton bulk cement trailer manufacturer, providing safe and reliable bulk cement tanker trailers to all new and old customers. This type of trailer can be used to transport many bulk goods, such as: cement, flour, lime powder, ore powder, and granular alkali.

The volumes of bulk cement trailer sold by YUHANG factory are 30cbm, 40cbm, 45cbm, 50cbm, 60cbm, 80cbm, etc., and the loading capacity can reach 50t, 60t, 70t, 80t. At the same time, we can design and customize according to your actual transportation needs.

We offer you cement tanker trailer of various models and capacities with diesel engines and air compressors. If you want to know more details and technical knowledge about bulk cement trailer, please send an inquiry or contact us directly. Thanks for your trust!