50000 l aluminum alloy tanker trailer for sale

We have high-quality 3 axle 50000 l aluminum alloy tanker trailer for sale, which are suitable for transporting different liquid goods, such as: fuel, gasoline, diesel, coal tar, palm oil, asphalt, purified water, etc.

YUHANG factory uses advanced design concepts and strict welding processes to manufacture tanker trailers. At the same time, we can also design and customize fuel tanker semi trailers according to your actual transportation needs. Providing you with the most durable tanker truck trailer considering road conditions and loading capacity.

Our fuel tanker trailer is available in stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum alloy materials for you to choose from. Tanker trailers with a loading volume of 36,000 liters to 90,000 liters are all at the best prices. Tanker trailers have different compartments, 2, 3, 4 or more, to transport different liquids.

If you want to know more technical information or other types of trailers, please contact us immediately.