60 ton fence semi trailer

We have 60 ton fence semi trailer for sale with best factory price. This type of fence trailer is mainly used to transport grain, vegetables, express delivery, poultry livestock and other bulk goods. Because of its strong loading capacity, high transportation efficiency, simple and practical operation, which greatly saves you time and labor, and shortens the transportation cycle, it has become an indispensable and important medium and long-distance road transportation vehicle.

The main beam of YUHANG brand bulk cargo fence truck trailer is made of high-strength Q345B steel plate, which has strong bearing capacity and good pressure resistance. It can adapt to more complex and bad road conditions and has a longer service life; High welding quality, good toughness, uniform and full weld seam, beautiful appearance, no deformation and fracture.

The height, length and more configurations of the fence semi trailer can be designed and customized according to your special transportation needs. If you want to get more information, please send an inquiry to our company website home page.