60 ton rear end dump trailer

We have the best price 60 ton rear end dump trailer for sale, which can be used in many fields, such as: construction, agriculture, industry, mining, etc., mainly used to load and transport coal, grain, sand and other bulk goods with good circulation . We have different shapes and types of rear dump trailers for you to choose, such as: U-shaped rear dump trailer, side dump truck, crawler type dump box trailer.

YUHNAG dump semi trailer chassis adopts a double main board design structure, which has higher compressive performance and stronger load-bearing capacity, making it durable in quality and longer in service life when loading cargo. All of our tipper trailers for sale are equipped with safe and reliable HYVA hydraulic cylinders, which provide stronger lifting capacity and faster lifting speed, greatly improving work efficiency.

Common loading volumes of hydraulic dump trailers are 30 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 55 cubic meters and 60 cubic meters. YUHANG factory can design and customize semi dump truck from 20 tons to 80 tons, and 80 tons to 150 tons according to your special transportation needs. If you want to know more product details and other models, please feel free to contact us, thank you.