80 tons low bed trailer

3 axle low bed trailer is the best choice for transporting heavy goods, rail vehicles, mining machinery, agricultural equipment, steel profiles. This 80 ton load capacity low bed trailer can meet your many types of cargo transportation.

Our 3 axle 80 ton lowbed semi trailer is one of the best-selling trailer models. Since it was sold for nearly 20 years, there has never been any quality problems. The biggest advantage is that its main beam is made of high-strength structural steel plate and perfect welding process.

At the same time, we also use well-known brand parts, such as: FUWA axle, WABCO brake valve, robot workstation, etc. These details enhance the durability and compression resistance of the trailer, and it will not deform or break even after ten years of use.

If you are interested in our low bed trailer or other models of trailers, please contact us for more details and prices.