80t low bed truck

YUHANG 80t low bed truck not only has very good load-carrying performance, but also has beautiful appearance and flexible operation, which can meet different types of transportation needs of customers. As a professional lowbed semi trailer manufacturer and exporter, we have many leading advantages in quality control and favorable price of low bed truck.

For a long time in the past, we have provided a large number of lowbed semi trailers to many countries, and they have been well received by customers, and there has never been a serious quality problem. Thanks to the high-quality steel plate material and excellent manufacturing process of low bed truck, our customer base has become more and more extensive.

This 80t low bed truck working platform is 5mm thick wear-resistant steel plate, which can carry many different types of machinery and equipment, and has 8pcs twist locks, which can be used to transport 20ft and 40ft containers. The mechanical ramp is sturdy and durable, has a strong carrying capacity, and it is more convenient and quick to load and unload goods, which greatly improves work efficiency. YUHANG low bed semi trailers have different capacities, such as: 60 tons low loader trailer, 80 tons low bed truck, 100 tons lowboy equipment trailers for sale.

All of our lowbed trailer can be customized in different lengths, widths and heights according to the actual cargo you are transporting. In short, our design engineers will provide you with professional transportation solutions online 24 hours a day, and welcome to you contact us.