Why does flatbed container trailer often choose air suspension?

The most commonly used suspension among the semi trailers we see every day is mechanical leaf spring suspension, because mechanical suspension has a relatively simple structure, low price, and high reliability. However, in recent years, with the advancement of technology and customers’ higher and higher performance requirements for vehicles, the utilization rate of air suspension has gradually increased. YUAHNG is a well-known manufacturer of container flatbed semi trailer. We are also popularizing air suspension on many semi-trailer products. So why are more and more customers choosing air suspension? What are the advantages of air suspension? Here I will give you a detailed introduction, and you are welcome to continue browsing.

1. What exactly is air suspension?

Air suspension is also called airbag suspension, and its most significant feature is the airbag air spring. Air suspension adjusts the vehicle’s load-bearing capacity and ground clearance by controlling the filling and release of compressed air in the airbag. Compared with other suspensions, such as: mechanical suspension, single-point suspension and rigid suspension, the cushioning force of air suspension is better. It can effectively protect the integrity of cargo and improve driving comfort. It is currently mainly used in fields, such as: precision instrument transportation, tobacco transportation, and hazardous chemicals transportation. In fact, air suspension is easy to identify. When you see a large barrel on the rear axle of a semi trailer, then this is an air suspension.

Why does flatbed container trailer often choose air suspension?-YUHANG VEHICLE
Single axle 2 pcs airbag suspension

Advantages of air suspension:

1. Light weight. One of the biggest advantages of air suspension is its light weight, which is 20-40% lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension. There is more free weight space for the standard load capacity. Customers without a load can save fuel consumption and increase vehicle running speed.

2. Reduce load stress. The compressibility of air allows the air suspension to easily cope with bumps and complex road conditions. The load stress of the vehicle is reduced, the passing performance is greatly improved, and the load-bearing pressure of the axle is also reduced.

3. Can be raised and lowered at any time. On the one hand, the air suspension can lift the axle, which is beneficial to reducing tire wear, and is especially suitable for vehicle no-load operation. On the other hand, air suspension can reduce the height of the vehicle working platform to a certain extent, making it easier to load and unload cargo.

4. Good shock absorption effect. Compared with traditional leaf spring suspension, airbag suspension is obviously softer and more comfortable. It forms a soft connection between the frame and axle, which can alleviate impact forces to a large extent, increase driving comfort and completely protect cargo.

5. Long service life. The mass of the air suspension itself is relatively light, the friction of the air medium in the airbag is relatively small, and the service life is 3-4 times that of the leaf spring suspension, which reduces vehicle operating costs to a certain extent.

Why does flatbed container trailer often choose air suspension?-YUHANG VEHICLE
YUHANG brand flatbed semi trailer with air suspension for sale

Although air suspension has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages:

1. The structure of air suspension is more precise, the manufacturing process is complex, and there are many parts, which also leads to its higher price and cost to a certain extent.

2. Corresponding to the price is the maintenance cost. Compared with traditional leaf springs, airbags are more susceptible to damage due to their material, so the maintenance cost is also a considerable expense.

3. Once the air suspension fails, you cannot continue driving. This is far inferior to mechanical suspension. Even if there is oil leakage or cracking, you can still go to the maintenance center.

4. The adjustment of the air suspension body is controlled by the computer, so the suspension data of the body is not a fixed value like ordinary suspension. Therefore, if the height of the vehicle changes back and forth, it can easily cause deviation problems.

Although the advantages and disadvantages of air suspension coexist, the advantages are more obvious when considered comprehensively. It is recommended that customers try to choose big brands and trustworthy brands when purchasing flatbed container trailer with air suspension. This can minimize subsequent maintenance and replacement costs. The well-known brand air suspension selected by YUHANG VEHICLE consists of air springs, shock absorbers, height control valves, guide arms, random steering mechanisms and other components. At the same time, the air suspension uses 3D molding technology to make it have stronger load-bearing capacity, longer service life and lower maintenance costs.

Why does flatbed container trailer often choose air suspension?-YUHANG VEHICLE

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