Our 45000 l 3 axle tanker trailer

This is a tanker trailer that we specially customized for customers. Its dimensions are: 12000mmX2550mmX3750mm, 3pcs FUWA high-quality axles, 5 independent compartments, and an effective loading volume of 45000 liters.

Our 45000 liter fuel tanker trailer has a double-reinforced design structure inside and outside the tank body, and a double-layer safety tank body, giving it better carrying capacity and transportation performance. It can drive safely and stably in many complex and bad road conditions.

The tank body adopts a new automatic welding process, which has fewer welding defects and high strength. It is formed by one-time welding and has a high flaw detection pass rate. The service life is longer, up to more than 15 years. We sell directly from YUHANG factory, 100% guaranteeing the highest trailer quality and price coefficient.

You are welcome to visit our factory or ask any questions about trailers. look forward to your visit.