Sinotruk 375HP Tipper Truck

Type: Sinotruk 375hp tipper truck

41000 USD

Manufacturing Factory: Jinan, Shandong

Sale Performance: No. 1 for 11 consecutive years

Application: transport ore, coal, wet soil, building materials




Sinotruk 375 hp tipper truck have been successfully sold to more than 90 countries including South Sudan, Nigeria, Angola, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Congo (DRC), and Ghana.

This type of dump truck has a strong loading capacity, a very wide range of work, and a safe service life of more than 15 years, which can adapt to more complex and bad road conditions.

We have different types and loading volumes of HOWO dump truck trailers for sale, with different configurations, the prices are different, and the factory directly ships to customers, and the purchase cost is cheaper.

Its working principle is as follows: there is a cab safety protection plate at the front end of the cargo compartment, and the hydraulic lifting mechanism of the cargo compartment is composed of a fuel tank, a hydraulic pump, a distribution valve, and a lifting hydraulic cylinder. By controlling the movement of the piston rod through the operating system, the cargo box can be lifted to the required position to complete the unloading of the cargo, and finally the cargo box is reset by its own gravity and hydraulic control.

Sinotruk 375HP Tipper Truck-YUHANG VEHICLESinotruk 375hp tipper truck for sale

Sinotruk 375HP Tipper Truck-YUHANG VEHICLEHowo 8×4 dump truck trailer price

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● Professional service, low price

● Powerful power, advanced technology

● Stable and reliable quality, good performance


Model: ZZ3317N3067C

Drive form: 8X4

Vehicle Length: 9.73 meters

Vehicle Width: 2.496 meters

Vehicle Height: 3.237 meters

Approach Angle: 19 degrees

Departure Angle: 23 degrees

Engine Model: Sinotruk WD615.96E

Engine Brand: Weichai

Number Of Cylinders: 6

Fuel Type: Diesel

Displacement: 9.726L

Emission Standard: China III

Maximum Horsepower: 375 horsepower

Maximum Output Power: 276kW

Maximum Torque: 1500N·m

Engine Type: inline six-cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke, supercharged and intercooled, electronically controlled fuel supply rate fuel injection pump, EGR

Cargo Body Length: 7 meters

Cargo Body Width: 2.3 meters

Cargo Body Height: 1.2 meters

Gearbox: Sinotruk HW19710

Fuel Tank Capacity: 400L

Front/Rear Axle: HF9/HC16

Tires: 11.00-20 12.00-20