Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer is ready ship to Zambia

Zambia customer need fence cargo trailer to transport bulk and container cargo. When customer is choosing the most suitable supplier, YUHANG as a leading semi trailer company in China, has entered the scope of customer investigation. The communication between the customer and our sales manager Matar was very efficient, quickly confirmed the customer’s needs and suggested tri axle fence cargo trailer for sale.

It is the first time for the customer to cooperate with a Chinese supplier, and requires the quality of the fence cargo trailer to be durable, stable in driving and good in shock absorption, so as to ensure the integrity of the cargo to the greatest extent. The sales manager Matar explained the customers one by one in detail, and sent a lot of feedback information from customers who have cooperated with us before.

After two weeks of screening and comparison, the customer finally chose YUHANG among multiple suppliers. This is a very wise and fast choice, proving once again that YUHANG brand semi trailers have left a deep impression on all new and old customers. At the same time, this is also the highest goal we have been pursuing.

Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer is ready ship to Zambia-YUHANG VEHICLE
Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer For Sale In Zambia

After the technical engineer draws the drawings according to the production details confirmed by the customer, we arrange the factory to speed up the production to ensure that the customer can receive the fence cargo trailer as soon as possible. When the production of the tri axle fence cargo trailer for sale is completed, the load capacity is 60 tons, and we will arrange the cargo ship to be sent to the port of Zambia.

As a famous semi trailer manufacturer in China, YUHANG brand fence cargo trailers can be used to transport bulk cargo and container cargo, such as: grain, coal, palletized cargo, express delivery, vegetables, cartons, and livestock, etc. Customers can choose the appropriate cargo transport trailer model according to their own transportation conditions and loading levels.

We have 3 axle, 4 axle, 5 axle, 60 ton, 80 ton, 100 ton, 120 ton fence semi trailer for sale for you to choose, regardless of quality, comfort, safety and efficiency are very good. They can adapt to more complicated and bad road conditions and special road conditions, and can meet customers’ general cargo transportation and heavy load requirements.

Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer is ready ship to Zambia-YUHANG VEHICLE
Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer For Sale In Zambia

YUHANG factory focuses on creating more operating profit and efficient value for you. The 60 ton fence cargo trailer adopts advanced computer-aided design software to optimize and upgrade the vehicle to ensure the reasonable structure and practical performance of the vehicle to the greatest extent. It has higher quality and strength, stronger anti-twist and anti-bump ability.

The frame and fence are made of integrated high-strength steel plates, which are strong and durable without the risk of expansion and fracture. In addition, finite element analysis, scientific calibration, and reasonable load distribution are carried out on the frame, which greatly improves the service life of the vehicle. The chassis can be equipped with air suspension and disc brake traveling mechanism, and wear-resistant 295/60R22.5 tires, which further enhance the safety specifications of the vehicle.

The fence part of the vehicle adopts the lock bar type split design structure, which is efficient and convenient for cargo loading and unloading. All parts adopt electrophoretic spraying and baking process, and the automatic production coating is more uniform, so that there is no dead angle, and rust and corrosion are prevented. The whole vehicle also adopts a large number of assembled structures, which further improves the convenience and timeliness of maintenance.

Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer is ready ship to Zambia-YUHANG VEHICLE
Tri Axle Fence Cargo Trailer For Sale In Zambia

At the same time, it adopts well-known brand relay valve, automatic pressure regulation, fast braking response, short braking distance, and standard ABS anti-lock braking system, which can effectively prevent vehicle sideslip and tail flicking during emergency braking. The aluminum alloy air storage tank will not rust for a long time due to long-term water accumulation, which comprehensively improves the driving safety performance of the vehicle.

The side door of this fence semi trailer generally adopts vertical corrugated structure, the common heights are 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, and the door frame is 40x60mm rectangular steel pipe. The overall height of the fence trailer sold by YUHANG factory is 1600mm, 1800mm, 2000mm and 2200mm respectively.

The cargo semi trailer has the characteristics of strong loading capacity, fast transportation speed, high turnover efficiency, simple and convenient operation, and low investment cost. Its body length, width and height can be adjusted according to actual transportation needs to meet more and different types of goods. Or, you can customize the specifications of the fence semi trailer.

We have skilled engineers and rich export experience to provide you with comprehensive 100/80/60/50 ton fence trailer transportation solutions. YUHANG factory sells semi trailers directly to every customers, we are a actural factory. We have more advantages in the quality control and price allocation.

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