Tri axle low loader trailer 60 ton truck trailer

Tri axle low loader trailer 60 ton is a vehicle specifically designed to transport a variety of heavy and oversized cargo. For example: engineering machinery, construction equipment, etc. Their unique design structure and low load center of gravity provide greater flexibility in cargo configuration.

Our tri axle 60 ton low loader trailer feature a large cargo platform that can easily accommodate large equipment or containers. It truly meets the needs of multiple types of goods, thereby improving logistics and transportation efficiency.

At the same time, the lowbed semi trailers provided by the YUHANG factory have better stability and can reduce the risk of cargo movement and damage. We are equipped with advanced braking systems and safety equipment to ensure smooth and reliable transportation.

If you are also looking for this kind of lowbed semi trailer, hurry up and join the YUHANG customer group. We will provide you with a full range of transportation solutions.