13m lowbed transport trailer

YUHANG brand 13m lowbed transport trailer is specially designed and customized for all overseas customers. The cargo carrying platform is 2.6 meters wide, with 250mm extension tables installed on both sides. The entire cargo carrying platform can be extended to 3.1 meters. The optional sidewall structure design on both sides makes the operation simple and practical.

This 13m lowbed transport trailer has a load rating of 80 ton lowbed for sale and can be used to load and transport construction machinery and equipment and many types of bulk cargo. The overall structure of the vehicle and the mechanical ladder are specially reinforced to ensure better quality of use.

We are a professional lowbed transport trailer manufacturer and factory for sale. The vehicle’s main beam and suspension system adopt the latest international technical standards. The thickness and load-bearing performance are higher than industry requirements. It is sturdy and durable, has good compression resistance, has a long service life and has high economic benefits. Welcome to you contact us for more details.