2 Axle Front Loading Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer

We have high-quality 2 axle front loading lowboy gooseneck trailer for sale, which have strong carrying capacity and stable performance to meet all your transportation needs.

20000 USD

Model: 2 axle front loading lowboy gooseneck trailer

Material: high strength structure steel plate

Delivery Date: 10-25 days

Application: loading excavators, bulldozers or other heavy machinery




Our 2 axle front loading lowboy gooseneck trailer is used for transporting excavators and construction equipment, large construction machinery. The trailers have impressed the transport industry and their versatility and competitive pricing have made them very popular.

YUHANG factory can produce 2 axle low bed semi trailer, 3 axle, 4 axle and 5 axle lowboy gooseneck trailers with loading capacity of 60/80/100/120/150 tons for you to choose. You can raise the trailer bed as high as you can, depending on the height of the tow vehicle’s “fifth wheel.”

The front end of the gooseneck is connected to the tractor saddle through a traction pin, allowing the trailer to lower to the ground to form its own slope, thereby completing the entire loading and unloading process of cargo. The stability and safety of the 2 axle front loading lowboy gooseneck trailer are excellent.

This is our very popular vehicle model and has clear advantages in transporting extra-height, extra-wide, extra-heavy and extra-long types of cargo. It has been successfully sold to many countries in the African market, such as Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Benin, etc.

2 Axle Front Loading Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLE2 axle front loading lowboy gooseneck trailer for sale

2 Axle Front Loading Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLE60 ton load capacity detachable gooseneck trailer

2 Axle Front Loading Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLEChina famous semi lowboy gooseneck trailer factory–YUHANG


1. YUHANG factory 2 axle front loading lowboy gooseneck trailer is made of Q345B high-strength steel plate. It has extremely strong quality and strong load-bearing capacity. It can extend the service life by more than 30% than ordinary factory trailers.

2. We use advanced robot welding technology. The welding quality between the main beam and the cross beam is high, the welding seams are tight and beautiful, and the welding joints are strong and reliable. The trailer will not deform and break when loading heavy cargo.

3. The suspension system is a high-quality heavy-duty mechanical spring suspension with stronger load-bearing capacity, long working hours and cost savings. It also increases the vehicle’s resistance to torsion, bumps, impacts and collisions.

4. We can design and customize the length, height and width of the lowboy trailer as well as other dimensions according to your actual transportation needs. During transportation, we will spray waterproof wax on the trailer to prevent rain and seawater erosion and rust.


Dimension: 14000mm x 3000mm x 2500mm(or customized)

Loading Capacity: 30-60t

Tare Weight: about 9.5t

Main Beam: height 500mm, width 230mm, Q345b high-strength steel

Bottom Platform: 5mm thickness checkered plate

Hydraulic Cylinder: 12KW diesel engine with hydraulic station

Axle: 2 axle*13T/16T, FUWA/BPW brand

Rim: 8.0-20 or 9.0-22.5

Tire: 8.25R20/10.00R20/11.00R20/12R22.5

Suspension: mechanical suspension

Spring Leaf: 90(w)mmx13(thickness)mmx10 layers

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch(bolted or welded type)

Landing Gear: JOST brand

ABS: Optional

Valve: WABCO valve

Light: LED light

Voltage: 24V

Tool box: 1 set

Shipping Terms: by the RORO or 40HQ container

Through the video below, you can learn more details about the hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer. Please click to view it. Thanks!

2 Axle Front Loading Lowboy Gooseneck Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLE

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