3 Axle Car Carrier For Sale

YUHANG brand 3 axle car carrier is our very popular model, because of its strong loading capacity, safe and efficient transportation, low investment cost, simple and convenient operation.

26000 USD

Type: 3 axle car carrier trailer

Loading: 5-10 units cars

Delivery Date: 15-25 days

Application: transport different brand cars




3 axle car carrier for sale is also known as car transport trailer and vehicle transporter. Its biggest task is to load and transport various types of small cars from one place to another.

The cargo area of the car carrier adopts a fence frame design structure, and most of them are divided into upper and lower loading platforms. The ample cargo space greatly improves the transportation efficiency.

Multiple hydraulic springboards can be set up according to needs, which can be extended, moved, and rotated to realize mixed loading of various cars and create greater profit value for you.

3 Axle Car Carrier For Sale-YUHANG VEHICLE3 axle car carrier trailer for sale

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1. The Swedish high-strength steel plate material can effectively improve the overall strength and carrying capacity of the car carrier and prolong its service life.

2. The hydraulic springboard and the lower platform adopt a galvanized arc-shaped movable pedal structure, and the tires can sink when the car is loaded, which effectively reduces the loading height and improves the stability of the vehicle.

3. Adopt screw lifting mechanism, the screw has self-locking function, no need to install limit pin, safe and reliable, easy to operate.

4. All spare parts are formed by one-time stamping and shot blasting treatment, which greatly improves the anti-fatigue, anti-distortion, anti-vibration and anti-corrosion capabilities of the vehicle.

5. The advanced German WABCO (WABCO) brand EBS brake system is adopted, with anti-lock and anti-rollover functions, making the vehicle run more safely and efficiently.


Model: 3 Axle Car Carrier For Sale

Application: transport cars, commercial cars, off-road cars

Overall Dimension: 14500*2500*3800mm or customized

Loading Weight: 60 ton

Main Beam: up plate 14mm, lower plate 16mm, web plate 10mm

Side Beam: 22mm channel steel

Axle: 3 sets, 13ton FUWA/BPW brand

Suspension: mechanical steel plate suspension

Leaf Spring: 90(w)mmx13(thickness)x10 layers

Rim: 9.00-22.5/8.00-20/8.5-20

King Pin: 50# or 90# (bolted or welded type)

Tire: 12 units*12.00R22.5/315.80R22.5/11.00R20

Brake System: WABCO

Accessories: one standard tool box

Voltage: 24V

ABS: optional

Color: optional