tri axle 60t lowboy trailer

YUHANG factory provides brand new tri axle 60t lowboy trailer for all new and old customers. This is a very popular and well-performing vehicle model with a simple and elegant shape and a favorable price. We have sold a large number of lowboy trailers to many countries and accumulated rich data and customer cases.

Our 60t lowboy trailer can be used to load and transport many types of machinery including: excavators, bulldozers, loaders, pavers as well as large objects. The main beam and the mechanical ladder at the rear are made of high-strength steel plates, which have strong load-bearing capacity and will not deform or break, ensuring a safe and reliable transportation process and a long service life.

We have experienced design engineers and welding technicians who can design and customize lowboy trailers according to your special transportation needs. Such as: 60t lowboy trailer, 80 ton lowbed semi trailer, 100 ton lowbed truck trailer, 2 line 4 axle lowbed trailer, 3 line 6 axle low loader trailer, etc. If you need more information and materials, please contact us.