2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price

1. Skeletal semi trailer application

The skeletal semi trailer is a vehicle model with a wide range of applications, but many friends do not fully understand it. What are the uses of skeletal semi trailer? Today, I am here to give you a detailed introduction, I hope it will be helpful to you. In order to improve the transportation speed and turnover efficiency of goods, more and more logistics companies are choosing to use containers to transport bulk goods. First, it not only simplifies the loading, unloading and handling processes to a great extent, but also facilitates mechanized and efficient operations. Usually the entire process only takes a few minutes to complete, greatly reducing loading and unloading time and improving labor productivity. Secondly, the use of containers can provide a sealed transportation environment for goods, reducing the risk of damage and collision of goods.

2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price-YUHANG VEHICLE

Due to the special transportation functions of skeletal semi-trailers, they are mainly used in many scenarios, such as: ports, shipping routes, highways, bridges, tunnels, transfer stations, cargo yards, and logistics companies. Because the skeleton trailer has a reasonable design structure, high load-bearing strength, stable quality and reliable performance. They have very clear advantages when transporting containerized goods. They can be used to transport containers of various sizes, can be used repeatedly for a long time, and their safe life can reach 10-15 years.

Among them, the most commonly used are 20ft and 40ft skeletal semi trailers. For example, a 40 foot skeletal semi trailer can load 1*40ft or 2*20ft standard containers. At the same time, the container can be directly switched from one mode of transportation to another. The entire operation process is simple and flexible, and loading and unloading are convenient and fast. In addition, the utilization rate of 45 foot skeleton trailer, 48 foot skeleton trailer and 53 foot skeleton trailer is also gradually increasing. The working platform frame of each skeleton semi trailer is equipped with high-quality THT twist locks to ensure the safety of transported goods. The container turnlocks at the front and rear ends of the vehicle are fixed structures, and the container turnlock in the middle is a hidden structure.

2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price-YUHANG VEHICLE

2. Our skeletal semi trailer features

Currently, the use of skeletal semi trailers to transport container cargo is a promising mode of transportation. The container skeletal semi trailer is mainly composed of three parts: tractor, semi trailer and container. This mode of transportation reduces labor intensity, improves the transportation efficiency of container goods, and speeds up vehicle turnover. It is an important tool to promote national and regional economic development, especially for international trade.

2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price-YUHANG VEHICLE

Below I will conduct an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of the 40ft skeletal semi trailer:

(1) YUHANG brand 40ft skeletal semi trailer has stable transportation performance. It adopts a strong steel frame structure and can carry heavy container cargo. This design effectively ensures the safety and reliability of goods during transportation.

(2) Our 40 foot skeleton trailer has efficient loading and unloading capabilities. It can quickly load and unload container cargo, which not only improves transportation efficiency but also saves labor costs. This is very important for the logistics industry that works frequently.

(3) Triple axle 40ft container chassis trailer also has a very flexible steering function. It has a small turning radius and good adaptability.

(4) In addition, the maintenance of 40 foot skeletal container trailer is relatively simple. After reasonable maintenance and repair, its service life can be extended and the failure rate can be reduced.

In short, 20 foot, 40 foot, 45 foot, 48 foot and 53 foot skeletal container trailers are a kind of transportation that combines efficiency, stability and flexibility. It plays an important role in modern logistics and transportation and makes positive contributions to the sustainable development of the economy and society.

2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price-YUHANG VEHICLE

3. YUHANG skeletal container chassis trailer price

YUHANG is China’s largest skeletal semi trailer manufacturing base. We have sold a large number of different trailer models to more than 80 countries around the world. These trailers for sale are made keeping in mind the road conditions of the customer’s country as well as international quality standard certifications.

We have a professional design team that can provide comprehensive solutions based on your actual transportation needs. At the same time, YUHANG factories sell directly to customers without middlemen earning the price difference, saving you costs and time. The price of our skeletal semi trailers is the most competitive, which other suppliers do not have. With the company of YUHANG 4 axle, 3 axle, 2 axle skeleton trailer for sale, your transportation business will go more smoothly.

2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price-YUHANG VEHICLE

4. Safe operation methods of skeleton trailers

1) Load Limit: The load of a skeletal semi trailer has certain limits and cannot exceed its carrying capacity. When loading cargo, carefully check the weight of the cargo to ensure it is not overloaded and avoid dangerous situations.

2) Loading Balance: When loading cargo on a skeleton trailer, it is necessary to ensure a balanced distribution of cargo. For larger goods, appropriate fixing measures need to be taken to prevent them from tilting or collapsing during driving, which will affect driving safety.

3) Tire Inspection: Regularly check the tire condition of the skeletal semi trailer to ensure that the tire tread is evenly worn and the tread depth meets the requirements to avoid loss of control or tire blowout due to tire failure.

4) Braking System: Maintain the normal operation of the braking system of the skeleton trailer. Regularly check and maintain the wear of brake components to ensure the sensitivity and stability of the braking system.

5) Lights and Signals: Before each use of the tri axle skeletal trailer, all lights and signals must be checked and tested to ensure that they are working properly. Especially important signal lights, such as: brake lights and turn signals need to be repaired or replaced in time once they malfunction.

6) Road Condition Selection: Choose smooth, dry, and muddy road sections to avoid dangerous situations, such as: rollover and sliding of the vehicle due to uneven road surfaces or water accumulation.

7) Vehicle Speed Control: Control the vehicle speed at a reasonable speed and avoid speeding. Vehicle speed that is too fast will increase the braking distance and increase the risk of traffic accidents.

2024 New Skeletal Semi Trailer For Sale – Application, Features, Price-YUHANG VEHICLE