100T Lowbed Trailer Sale

4 axle 100 ton lowbed is deeply loved by customers and can be used to transport excavators, bulldozers, loaders and other mechanical equipment. Strong carrying capacity and easy operation.

Manufacturer: YUHANG VEHICLE

Model: 100t lowbed trailer

Material: high strength steel plate

Delivery Date: 10-25 days

Application: loading excavators, bulldozers or other machinery




4 axle 100 ton lowbed is a very practical and versatile vehicle for transporting heavy machinery and equipment, such as: excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, etc.

The lower the loading platform of the lowbed semi trailer, the better the stability and safety; among them, the 4 axle 100 ton lowbed for sale is generally loved and recognized by customers.

YUHANG provides 2 axle/3 axle/4 axle/5 axle and more multi-axle lowbed trailer for you. Different configurations and specifications have different price.

We are a professional and efficient lowbed semi trailer manufacturer, providing you with the best transportation solutions to help you conduct your business better.

100T Lowbed Trailer Sale-YUHANG VEHICLE4 axle lowbed semi trailer for sale

100T Lowbed Trailer Sale-YUHANG VEHICLE100 ton lowbed with best price

100T Lowbed Trailer Sale-YUHANG VEHICLEChina famous lowbed trailer suppler


1. The main girders are manufactured from high-strength steel plates, which are integral rather than welded. Without a doubt, enhanced trailer loading capacity.

2. The advanced computer-aided design system optimizes and upgrades the overall structure of the 4 axle 100 ton lowbed to meet the transportation needs of special goods.

3. Use world-renowned brand parts to ensure the best work quality and save costs. Improve work efficiency for customers and create more profit value.

4. Electrophoretic powder spraying + baking paint process, high gloss, corrosion resistance, and fuller body color.

5. YUHANG provides high-quality lowbed semi trailers, not only in the trailer itself, but in every link.


Model: 100t lowbed trailer sale

Dimension: 15800mm*3000mm*3500mm

Loading Capacity: 100 ton

Main Beam: height 500mm, upper plate 18mm, middle plate 12mm, lower plate 20mm, material Q345B steel

Bottom Platform: 5mm thick checkered plate

Axle: 4 units*FUWA/BPW brand

Rim: 8.0-22.5

Tire: 16 units*10.00R20/11.00R20/12.00R20/12R22.5

Suspension: heavy duty mechanical suspension

Spring Leaf: 90(w)mmx13(thickness)mmx10 layers

Kingpin: 2.0 or 3.5 inch (bolted or welded type)

Landing Gear: JOST brand

Rear Ramp: spring ramp

ABS: optional

Brake Valve: WABCO valve

Light: LED light

Electrical System: 24-volt lighting system

Accessories: tool box, spare tire carrier

Shipping Terms: bulk carrier, Ro-Ro ship or container