3 Axle Lowbed Gooseneck Detach Trailer

Our 3 axle lowbed gooseneck detach trailer for sale offers high loading capacity and practical performance. It can help you develop transportation business better.

28500 USD

Model: 3 axle lowbed gooseneck detach trailer for sale

Material: high strength structure steel plate

Delivery Date: 10-25 days

Application: loading excavators, bulldozers or other heavy machinery




We have high quality 3 axle lowbed gooseneck detach trailer for sale. This is a vehicle specially designed for transporting heavy-duty vehicles, rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry equipment, engineering facilities and other non-decomposable large goods.

Lowbed gooseneck detach trailers have a lower center of gravity than other ordinary semitrailers. On the one hand, it can facilitate the loading and unloading of goods, on the other hand, it can reduce the vehicle loading height as much as possible and improve the smoothness and passability of transportation.

This 3 axle lowbed gooseneck detach trailer has a loading capacity of 60 tons. At the same time, we can also provide you with 2 axle, 3 axle, 4 axle, 5 axle, 40 ton, 50 ton, 80 ton lowbed for sale, 100 ton, 120 ton, and 150 ton detachable gooseneck trailers for you to choose.

YUHANG factory has experienced technical designers and welding engineers. In order to meet your special transportation needs and local legal regulations, we can customize different configurations of hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer for you.

3 Axle Lowbed Gooseneck Detach Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLEBrand new 3 axle lowbed gooseneck detach trailer for sale

3 Axle Lowbed Gooseneck Detach Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLEOur 60 ton detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer

3 Axle Lowbed Gooseneck Detach Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLEChina’s famous removable gooseneck trailer manufacturing factory


Our 3 axle lowbed gooseneck detach trailer is welded with high-strength structural steel plates, making them more durable and durable. Compared with trailers produced by ordinary trading companies, this has a 30% higher loading capacity and longer service life.

YUHANG brand lowbed gooseneck detachable trailer is particularly suitable for transporting large and heavy cargo, and it has a high load rating. We have gone through many loading and transportation tests to ensure that the operating data is accurate.

In particular, the vehicle’s hydraulic system adopts world-renowned brands. After many upgrades and innovations, its performance is very stable and reliable. Customers only need regular maintenance, which can fully meet customers’ high-frequency and long-term work.

For the vehicle loading platform, this is a 5mm thick wear-resistant and anti-slip pattern plate, which has strong impact resistance, wear resistance, and heavy load resistance, and will not deform or break. It has good anti-slip effect and ensures 100% transportation safety.


Dimension: 15800mm x 3000mm x 2500mm (or customized)

Loading Capacity: 60 ton

Tare Weight: about 8 ton

Main Beam: height 500mm; width: 220mm; side beam: 250mm, material Q345B high-strength steel

Bottom Platform: 5mm thick, checkered plate

Hydraulic Cylinder: 12KW diesel engine with hydraulic station

Ramp: spring ramp

Axle: 3 axle * 13T/16T/18T*FUWA/BPW brand

Tire: 12 units, 8.25R20/10.00R20/11.00R20/12R22.5

Suspension: mechanical suspension

Spring Leaf: 100(w)mmx12(thickness)mmx10 layers

King Pin: JOST brand 2.0 or 3.5 inch(bolted or welded type)

Landing Gear: JOST brand

ABS: optional

Valve: WABCO valve

Light: LED light

Voltage: 24V

Tool Box: 1 set

Color: optional

Packing: by Ro-Ro shipment or bulk ship

Through the video below, you can learn more details about the hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer. Please click to view it.

3 Axle Lowbed Gooseneck Detach Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLE

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