Tri Axle Gooseneck Detachable Lowbed Trailer

YUHANG brand tri axle gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer have the best factory direct sale prices. We have more advantages in quality control and after-sales service guarantee.

25000 USD

Model: tri axle gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer

Material: high strength structure steel plate

Delivery Date: 10-25 days

Application: loading excavators, bulldozers or other heavy machinery




Tri axle gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer has a wide range of applications and can be used to transport excavators, construction equipment, and large machinery. YUHANG factory directly produces, manufactures and sells, without middlemen earning price differences, the quality is more guaranteed and the price is more favorable.

Due to the small ground clearance and low longitudinal beam height of our detachable gooseneck trailer, its cargo carrying platform is 300-400mm lower than ordinary lowbed semi trailer, which effectively reduces the height of the vehicle’s center of gravity and makes the transportation process safer and more reliable.

YUHANG can provide you with 2/3/4/5 axle gooseneck lowbed trailers with loading capacities of 60 ton, 80 ton, 100 ton, 120 ton, and 150 ton for you to choose. The quality of the vehicles has been strictly tested and recorded, and fully comply with local legal requirements.

We can design and customize different specifications and configurations of detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer price for you, constantly helping you improve transportation efficiency to meet the loading and transportation needs of more special goods.

Tri Axle Gooseneck Detachable Lowbed Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLETri axle gooseneck detachable lowbed trailer for sale

Tri Axle Gooseneck Detachable Lowbed Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLEYUHANG 60 ton removable gooseneck trailer manufacturing factory

Tri Axle Gooseneck Detachable Lowbed Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLEWelcome to you get the latest gooseneck lowbed trailer quotation


1. The lower working platform height is very suitable for loading and transporting larger and taller goods.

2. YUHANG factory uses high-strength structural steel plates to make its main beams stronger and more durable and have better load-bearing performance.

3. Modern intelligent robot welding technology increases welding strength by more than 30%, meeting the driving requirements of more complex and rugged road conditions.

4. Spray the entire vehicle with a layer of anti-corrosion primer and then polyurethane paint to make it look more beautiful and last longer.

5. We have experienced technical engineers to provide you with a full range of transportation solutions, saving time and costs.

6. World-renowned brand accessories, with more guaranteed quality and more timely after-sales service.


Overall Dimension: 15800mm * 3000mm * 2200mm(or customized)

Loading Capacity: 60 ton

Axle: 3 axle * BPW/FUWA brand

Suspension: heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

Spring Leaf: 100(w)mmx16(thickness)mmx10 layers

Tire: 12 units*11.00R20/12.00R20/12.00R22.5

King Pin: JOST brand 50# or 90#

Brake System: WABCO valve

Electrical System: 24V, LED lights

Ramp: spring ramp

ABS: optional

Through the video below, you can learn more details about the hydraulic detachable gooseneck lowbed trailer. Please click to view it.

Tri Axle Gooseneck Detachable Lowbed Trailer-YUHANG VEHICLE

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