Tipper semi trailer price — exhaustive structure and technical characteristics

Tipper semi trailer price — exhaustive structure and technical characteristics-YUHANG VEHICLE
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As an important means of transportation, tipper semi trailer play an active and powerful role in our daily lives and economic construction. We can often see them busy on mountain roads, highways, hills, and dirt roads.

Due to the sharp increase in demand for dump semi trailer in recent years, many new customers will face many manufacturing factories, trading companies, brands, configurations and product descriptions before purchasing dump truck trailers. These complex digital information will dazzle them and make them unable to make a decision.

But what does a truly high-quality tipper semi trailer look like? Now let’s go and take a closer look.

1. Supplier’s qualifications and manufacturing capabilities

A high-quality tipper semi trailer is inseparable from a supplier and manufacturing factory with superior strength and strong production capabilities. Before we choose our own tipper semi-trailers, we need to conduct a comprehensive evaluation and inquiry of the suppliers. Does the factory or supplier already export large quantities of trailers to many countries? Have they received a lot of praise and trust from customers? Have they completed the data accumulation and quality certification of tipper semi trailers? Do they have strong design, development and technical capabilities? This is a very important reference that cannot be ignored.

2. The chassis design structure of the trailer must be reasonable and effective

When customers use tipper semi trailer to load and transport goods, they will pay great attention to the chassis load-bearing structure of the trailer. Of course, this is also an important factor in determining the service life of a dump trailer. At this time, it is especially necessary to lower the center of gravity of the trailer’s chassis as much as possible to increase the stability and safety of the vehicle. At the same time, trailer manufacturers should also consider dump truck trailer payload, cargo category, road condition information and driver operating habits. This comprehensive information is then used to systematically plan and design the tipper semi-trailers for sale to meet the different usage needs of all customers.

3. The steel plate material used must be authentic

Not all steel plates are the same. Different models have different uses. Tipper semi trailer need to withstand the test of high strength, heavy load and long-term wear during use, and the steel plates used need to have sufficient wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Q345B steel plate is a recommended choice. Its tensile strength can reach 470-630MPa, which is much higher than Q235B steel plate. Moreover, Q345B has good wear resistance and welding performance, and the price is relatively low.

4. The processing technology of trailers must be continuously improved

With the continuous popularization and promotion of advanced technology, many semi trailer manufacturers are gradually implementing automated cutting, plate rolling and welding processes. This assembly-line processing technology does not require manual intervention and greatly improves production efficiency. Moreover, the automatic welding system can effectively eliminate welding defects, ensure welding quality, and increase the service life and safety factor of the trailer. After welding, the robot will sandblast and remove rust on the surface to better increase the adhesion of the paint. In short, fully automated processing technology has greatly improved the technological revolution of semi trailer manufacturing factories.

5. The hydraulic lifting system must be stable and reliable

The hydraulic lifting system of a tipper semi trailer is a system that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Its main structure consists of power components, control components, executive components, auxiliary components and working medium. Among them, the HYVA brand is the most representative, has the highest market share, and is the most widely used. The operation of the hydraulic system must be stable and reliable, and the lifting of the cylinders must be synchronized to ensure rapid unloading of cargo.

6. The accessories of the trailer need to be strong and durable

A normally operating tipper semi trailer will use many parts, among which traction pins, axles, tires, steel rings, landing gears, and suspension are the main externally purchased parts. High-quality axles, tires, and suspension are important guarantees for safe driving of the vehicle. Choosing parts with brand protection can better protect the driving condition. For example, the axle is one of the core components of a semi trailer and plays an important role in the power transportation process. If the axle is not selected well, it will directly affect the safe use of the vehicle.

Tipper semi trailer price — exhaustive structure and technical characteristics-YUHANG VEHICLE
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Compared with ordinary semi trailers, the use of tipper semi trailer is more complex. If the quality of the trailer is not up to standard, problems will easily occur, most of which will be cracking. Specific performances include:

The welds between the flip beam and the web were cracked.

Cracked suspension ribs.

The suspension diagonal brace and the suspension large brace are cracked.

The subframe flip beam reinforcement diagonal brace cracked.

As for the root cause of cracking in tipper semi trailers, the focus still needs to be on whether the design structure is reasonable and whether the production process is up to standard. Some manufacturers lack the experience and technology to produce tipper semi trailers, so they will completely copy the design ideas of ordinary semi-trailers. The quality of the dump truck trailer produced in this way can be imagined. In fact, in addition to the general load-bearing capacity, the design of a tipper semi trailer must also comprehensively consider the stress caused by the hydraulic lifting system to different parts of the vehicle chassis, suspension and other parts when lifting goods. In addition, suppliers and factories also need to pay attention to whether the steel plate material is standard, whether the welds are strong, whether each component is qualified, etc. These are key factors that affect the overall quality of the vehicle.

Tipper semi trailer price — exhaustive structure and technical characteristics-YUHANG VEHICLE
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Shandong Yuhang Automobile Co., Ltd. is a Chinese semi trailer manufacturer that mainly provides tipper semi trailer. Our dump truck trailers are used to transport ore, gravel, wet soil, coal, construction waste and grain. YUHANG dump trailer uses high-strength steel plates, which are durable and will not deform and break. The load capacity is 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, and 120 tons.


1. Heavy-duty dump trailer is made of high-strength steel and can withstand greater loads and pressures. This is undoubtedly a major breakthrough, improving transportation efficiency while reducing costs.

2. The main beam of the semi dump trailer is designed with double webs, which increases the strength and rigidity of the vehicle chassis and makes the body more stable and reliable during the lifting process.

3. The hydraulic lifting system adopts a heavy-duty synchronous cylinder with a wider diameter, stronger lifting capacity, and higher height. The lifting process is more stable and orderly, and is less prone to rollover.

4. The leaf spring is a widened and thickened model with good shock absorption effect and higher passing performance in bad road conditions. The suspension is widened and the center pin is wider, making the vehicle’s running state more stable.

5. A variety of design styles to choose from, and customized scientific and reasonable load sharing to reduce the driving resistance of the vehicle and improve the applicability of transporting goods.

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